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Located in the heart of Arlington, Tennessee, we stand proud as the largest RC airplane club in the Memphis Area. If you’re new to the club, the locality, or even the world of radio-controlled flying, we believe you’re in for a treat.

At Memphis Prop Busters, our diverse membership embodies nearly every facet of this exciting hobby. Our passion lies not just in flying but also in mentoring, guiding, and helping enthusiasts, whether you’re a seasoned aviator or someone just starting to spread their wings.

Take a moment to explore our website and join our Facebook group. If you have any questions use the contact form on the bottom of the about us page.

Venturing into the world of RC airplanes? Dive into our Learning Center—a comprehensive hub crafted for both novices and experts alike. From beginner’s guides on choosing the perfect RC plane to advanced flying tutorials, we’ve got you covered. Prioritize safety with our thorough guidelines and enhance your knowledge with our step-by-step repair and maintenance tips.

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