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Prop Busters Possible Float Planes

Selecting An Aircraft For Float Flying

Warmer weather is on its way and the float-flying season is almost upon us.  There is still time to build a float plane or put together an ARF and participate in our monthly float flys this year.

The February issue of the AMA journal has a review of Maxford's Hansa-Brandenburg W.29 ARF.  It's a model of a WWI Floatplane.  With a 53" wingspan it should be a favorite of WWI enthusiasts.  Maxford also produces the Neptune Boatplane ARF, which can be powered by electric or nitro power.

Flyzone has a very nice model of a DHC-2 Beaver on floats.  It has a 59" wingspan and has received positive reviews on RC websites.  I believe PropBuster club member John Alexander is building this plane for the upcoming season.

A couple of our members brought their Icon A5 planes to our float flys last summer.  Parkzone manufactures this ship and it proved to be a solid performer all summer long.

The April issue of Model Airplane News has a review of the Seagull Models Glasair Sportsman 2 + 2.  With a 70" wingspan it can be powered by electric or nitro.  This plane has available floats which can be added with little effort.  It would be a hit at the field on wheels or the lake on floats.  It looks to be a beautiful plane!

Model Aero has come out with an ARF version of their Polaris all-terrain plane.  It can be flown off water, snow, gravel, asphalt, sand or grass.  It is a knock-off of the NorthStar.  I am in the process of building this plane and am happy with the way it is going together.

Hangar 9 makes the Saratoga, a mid-wing sport plane which has optional floats.  It's another great looking  plane which is at home flying off water or on wheels at the field.

Another great selection is the Super Dragon, a 64" wingspan floatplane manufactured by Alien Aircraft.  It can be powered by nitro or electric motors.

I encourage you to look over your own hangar of planes.  Do you have a RC model that is a good flier, but hasn't been flown much the past few seasons?  Attach some floats and you'll be ready to join us at the lake!   

We will be flying at Trap Lake at Shelby Farms the first Saturday of each month starting in April 9:00 - 12:00 noon.  These events are a lot of fun, and even more fun when a large group of PropBuster members come out to fly or watch the activities!

Marty Kocman