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Extreme Flight Outlaw$325.00

Extreme Flight Outlaw RTF minus receiver. This plane only has 6 flights on it and it is not for the faint of heart! Never crashed or damaged in any way. It is extremely fast with the JETT 35 pulling it. All items were purchased new foir this project. Below is a long list of items that I'm selling with it:

- Extreme Flight Outlaw (U.S. Navy scheme)
- JETT 35 motor (properly broke in on the bench as per Dubb Jett)
- 3 X Hitec HS-985 coreless servos (2 X Elevons, 1X Rudder)
- JR Sport MN48 mini throttle servo
- 1300 mah LIFE receiver battery + switch
- Bubbless JETT fuel tank
- Dubro Heavy Duty servo arms
- 13 APC props: 9X6.5
9X5 (2)
8X5 (3)
- 2 McCoy MC-59 Glow Plugs
- 5 Merlin 2003 Glow Plugs
- Hangar 9 mighty midget glow igniter (1800 mah MI-MH) + charger
- JETT fueler
- Sig Castor Oil (1 Quart minus 2 ounces)
- 10.5 Quarts of Power Master 15% Air (18% oil) fuel
- 1 Gallon Cool Power 15% Heli fuel

I'm looking to get $325 for everything (motor alone cost $325) OBO. Will not ship but will deliver to Joe Nall. I can be reached at 901-813-8209 or e-mail if you have any questions.  Thanks for looking. 

SellLocal PickupC Kixmiller4.1 years ago

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Extreme Flight Outlaw (Item 6231)
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