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Mid-South Memphis Belle Scale Classic

May 24 - May 26

Join us for a day filled with excitement and discovery at the first-ever Mid-South Memphis Belle Scale Classic.

Spectators are welcome free of charge.

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Static Judging consists of the following:

  1. A scale outline. Magazines, books, pictures, and other commercially available documentation are all acceptable per the AMA rule book. 
  2. A section of photographs sufficient to show the outline of the aircraft’s side view
  3. Finish, color, and marking points: A scale color scheme is required. The details are in the AMA rule book, pages 7-11. 
  4. Static judging will be done from 15 feet away and will evaluate the wings, fuselage, landing gear, and tail group for finish, color, markings, and outline. 

Flight Scoring consists of the following:

  1. These categories are listed in the rule book and use the same scoring sheet. There are five mandatory maneuvers: take off, figure eight, fly past, landing, and realism in flight. 
  2. There are also five optional maneuvers that you can pick yourself for a total of ten maneuvers. You will have fifteen minutes to perform all ten. Everything you need is in the AMA rule book including all maneuvers and how to fly them. 

In conclusion, I urge all members interested in scale flying to try and compete this coming May. 

Frank Sarantidis 


Bragg Field
3945 Inglewood Place
Arlington, TN 38002 United States