Our club is thrilled to host an upcoming AMA sanctioned scale contest. If you’re planning to attend, whether as a participant or a spectator, here’s a glimpse into what these contests entail and why they’re a fascinating experience. There is no charge for spectators.

This scale contest is a competitive event where hobbyists showcase scale models of actual aircraft. These models are judged on their accuracy, detailing, and flight performance, mirroring the characteristics of the real planes they represent.

For Spectators:

  1. Variety of Aircraft Models: Expect to see a wide range of aircraft models, from historical replicas to contemporary designs.
  2. Flight Demonstrations: Pilots will demonstrate the flight capabilities of their models, offering a visual treat and a demonstration of piloting skill.
  3. Learn and Explore: These events are an opportunity to learn about aeromodelling, understand the craftsmanship behind model building, and appreciate the intricacies of flying.

For Participants:

  1. Competition Categories: There are various categories in which you can compete, focusing on different aspects of model aviation.
  2. Skill Showcase: This is your platform to display your building and flying prowess, and to learn from fellow enthusiasts.

Mark your calendars for May 24-26, 2024 and join us.



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